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Half Price Servicing

For all new machines purchased from Sussex Mowers, customers will benefit from half price servicing for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty period. T&C's Apply.

About Us

We are your local garden machinery experts in East Sussex. Free and friendly advice about the sale, servicing and repairs of all petrol and electric garden machinery; we also supply ASPEN Alkylate fuel and consumables eg strimmer line, chainsaw chains etc.

Sussex Mower Services was established in 1989 and has over the years continued to support domestic and commercial users of garden machinery, providing expert guidance on selecting the best equipment for customers' requirements, as well as reliable and prompt servicing and repair of all petrol, diesel and electric garden and light agricultural machinery.


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ASPEN Alkylate Fuel

Are you still using ordinary E5 or E10 fuel in your mower? There is a better way! Here are 3 reasons to use Aspen Fuel instead:

1.Cleaner Engine: Aspen Fuel is ethanol-free, which means it burns more cleanly and leaves fewer deposits in your mower's engine. This cleaner combustion can lead to reduced maintenance needs, longer engine life, and improved overall performance.

2.Longer Shelf Life: Aspen Fuel has a longer shelf life compared to regular gasoline, which can be especially beneficial for seasonal equipment like lawnmowers. It can stay fresh for years, ensuring that your mower starts easily even after extended periods of storage.

3.Health and Environmental Benefits: Aspen Fuel is formulated to be less harmful to both your health and the environment. It emits fewer harmful exhaust emissions and reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous substances like ethanol, which can be found in regular gasoline.

Contact Us, your local Aspen service agent, to buy some healthier fuel for your machines!

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Sales, servicing and repairs of all petrol and electric garden machinery; we also supply ASPEN Alkylate fuel and consumables eg strimmer line, chainsaw chains etc.

Garden Machinery For Sale

We sell a wide range of new & second-hand garden machinery! If you don't find what you're looking for on our website, give us a call or drop us an email!

Mower Servicing & Repairs

We specialise in all types of lawn mower servicing, including ride-on, pedestrian and cylinder mowers. For a FREE quotation or to book a service, get in touch!

Garden Equipment Repairs

We offer general maintenance and repairs of all gardening and electrical equipment. We have a collection & delivery service available to all of our customers!

High Quality Products

Buy top brands such as Cobra, EGO, Mountfield, STIHL, Husqvarna, Honda, Hayter and Hyundai.

Experienced Experts

We have hundreds of satisfied customers thanks to our many years in the industry.

Affordable Equipment

We are proud to supply our equipment at a rate that doesn't break the bank.

Delivery & Collection

We can pick up your equipment if it needs repairing or deliver new machinery.


Have a look at the bad things that could happen to your equipment if it isn't regularly maintained / serviced ... don't let this happen to you, call Sussex Mowers!

How not to connect your ride-on mower battery!

Dont let a simple mistake ruin your machine, call Sussex Mowers!

Don't let your machine get this bad!

Regular servicing and maintenance can keep your machine going for as long as you need it. Don't abandon your machine, call Sussex Mowers for a service!

Missing Belt Guard.

This is what happens when you dont regularly check your mower, call Sussex Mowers to service your machine!

DIY isn't always the way to go!

Customer tried fitting the belt themselves, call Sussex Mowers to make sure it is done professionally

Get someone to check your mower!

Regular servicing can make sure your blade gets replaced before it gets destroyed

Leaving fuel in your machine over the winter.

Normal fuel deteriorates over time with no use, ASPEN Fuel does not contain the substances that deterioate making it an amazing alternative to normal fuel!

Oil as old as time!

Your machine depends on you regularly changing your oil, call Sussex Mowers to have us service your machine!

Meet The Team

Alex Mattelaer

Managing Director

Alex has many years of experience running diverse and successful businesses, and is responsible for overall business strategy, marketing and technology at Sussex Mowers.

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Jacky Mattelaer

Operations Manager

Jacky is a seasoned administration professional and helps us keep Sussex Mowers running smoothly. She is also responsible for accounts and finance.

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Laurence Mann

Commercial and Workshop Manager

Laurence's extensive experience in petrol/electrical equipment maintenance and deep knowledge of garden machinery ensure top-notch advice and service to our valued customers.

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Mikolaj Semenowicz


Mik always goes the extra mile to deliver top-notch service to our customers. Mik specializes in the maintenance of two-stroke petrol engines, ensuring optimal performance.

01424 426126

Tan Oosthuizen

Customer Service

Tan is passionate about caring for our customers, both in the showroom and on the phone, and handles orders and service bookings.                              

01424 426126

Dylan Mann

IT & Marketing

Dylan looks after our website, social media and marketing, making sure everything is working well and up-to-date, and also that we keep our customers informed of our latest special offers.

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Paul Rumble

Managing Director of DC GROUP

Paul heads up DC Group and has a lifelong passion for customer service as well as finding solutions to customer problems around property maintenance including gardening and grounds care.


Jess Purdey

Group Adviser

Sussex Mowers leverages DC's talent pool and purchasing power. Jess, the senior manager at DC Group, aids our efficient management of Sussex Mowers, enhancing customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked the following questions - and here are the answers we usually give ...

  • Can I use normal E5 / E10 petrol in my mower (the same as in my car)?

    Yes it will work , however regular petrol contains ethanol which is known to cause harm to small petrol engines. We recommend the use of Aspen alkylate fuel which is ethanol free thus extending engine life and reliability.

  • There could be many reasons a mower won't start, from dirt in the fuel (a simple fix) to a serious problem with the engine - a standard service doesn't include fixing issues like this, however when you bring your mower in we will first of all do a diagnostic to determine what is wrong, and then tell you what the repair costs will be if you decide to proceed. There is a minimum charge of £30 (including VAT) for any work we carry out.

Half Price Servicing

For all new machines purchased from Sussex Mowers, customers will benefit from half price servicing for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty period, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) Half price servicing will be charged according to the current Sussex Mowers "list price" servicing charges at the time the services are carried out;

2) This offer cannot be combined with any other offers that may be available now or in future;

3) Servicing includes only the standard servicing tasks carried out by Sussex Mowers, excluding the cost of supplying and fitting any defective parts not covered by the manufacturer's warranty;

4) Machines must be regularly serviced by Sussex Mowers at intervals of no longer than 12 months, failing which this offer will automatically expire and no further discounts will be applicable;

5) Machines must be working when they are brought in for servicing - if they are not, an additional "get go" charge will apply to first of all get the machine running before the service can be carried out;

6) This offer is not transferable in the event of the customer selling the machine to a third party during the warranty period.

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